CITUS CONSTRUCTION is a Real Estate Development Company belonging to the group of RE services CITUS. Having started its activities in the year 2009, the Company successfully develops the projects of individual houses and residential blocks. The aim of the Company is to implant more and more innovative solutions determining the energetic usefulness, economy, as well as the life comfort. The projects developed by the Company distinguish for the contemporary solutions, modern design, comfortable and ergonomic layout.

The goal of the Company is to improve permanently.

Our ambition is to be the best RE Company in the country, which would be the first able to act up to the Clients’ expectations.

Our values:

IMPROVEMENT – we always look for the best solution, the highest result and the maximum value.

RELIABILITY  – we perform what we promise, and we do not promise what we cannot perform. Every Employee is responsible for his/her words and actions both before the Clients and the Managers, as well as the Colleagues.

COOPERATION  – we altogether seek for the common goal. When communicating with the Clients, we listen attentively to their needs; therefore, we offer only the optimum decisions.

PURSUIT OF THE RESULT  – any of our activities is aimed at the particular goal, we do not take our time for the jobs which do not create the value.

PROFESSIONALISM  – the highest value of the Company is the competent Employees. We expeditiously deal with the arisen problems, apply what is the most advanced, we permanently learn and improve.